Why Do Cupcakes Peel?

Here are the top 5 tips for preventing cases from peeling away from cupcakes:

1. Don’t leave cupcakes in the tin too long after taking them out of the oven, ideally take them out of the tin as soon as they are cool enough to touch (5 – 10 minutes). The steam between the tin and cases can cause the cases to become soft and therefore peel away from the cakes.

2. Don’t store them in tupperware, anything airtight will create a moist atmosphere causing the cases to peel away from the cake. A cardboard cake box at room temperature is perfect storage.

3. Fill your cases between half and two thirds full, any less and there tends to not be enough mix to adhere the cases to the cake.

4. Undercooked cakes are much more likely to come away from the cases, try cooking just a minute long

5. Use good quality cases. The stronger the case, the better support your cupcake will have.

By following these steps your cupcakes should come out of the oven and stay wrapped in their cases ready for decorating. (If you’re still having trouble it may be worth trying a new recipe, some recipes with high fat content also cause cases to peel from the cakes)